Transparent Armour

Reinforced Transparent Armour

Unprecedented Protection


Stronger, lighter, transparent ballistic materials for security and defence applications and industrial safety.

Raw BNNT’s are clear to smoky white. When included in materials and products such as glass or polycarbonate they are completely transparent. This provides an exciting potential for new grades of ultra-strength glass, polycarbonates and clear plastics. Applications include bullet-resistant glass, unbreakable polycarbonates, superior helmets, transparent ballistic shields and optical protection. BNNT’s are renowned for stiffness and strength (1.1Tpa and 61 GPa, respectively) making them over 30 times stronger than bullet-stopping Kevlar.

Current research for advanced ballistics products using BNNT’s is focused on creating new types of glass and polycarbonates that provide superior ballistic capabilities for defence, aerospace, submarines and aviation.



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